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Thank you

Hi, we just wanted to thank you for signing up to our window cleaning service. 

You are now on our customer list and will have your first service carried out soon.

If you have booked a regular window cleaning service, please ensure to complete your automated payment method before your first visit.

I don't do terms and conditions but this page will tell you a bit about what to expect from me and what happens next please just take 2 minutes to give it a read

You can obtain a quote for our window cleaning and GutterVac service with out online instant quote. On proceeding you will be required to make a card payment for your first clean. If you have selected a regular continuing service you will then be directed to set up your direct debit. 

 At Craig's Window Cleaning, we use our payment partner Gocardless. This as an easy, safe and reliable way to pay for your window cleaning services. Gocardless is a secure and convenient payment method that allows you to pay for your window cleaning quickly and easily. All you need to do is enter your bank account details once and your payments will be securely processed after each clean. Your window cleaning payment will be taken directly from your account around 3 days after we visit, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. We are committed to providing a safe and secure payment process, so you can rest assured that your bank details are in safe hands with Gocardless.

Please be assured, we do not have any access to your bank details. Your payments are protected by the direct debit guarantee. Once your windows have been cleaned you will be sent an email confirming the amount to be collected, the payment will then be collected around 3 days later.  You pay per clean/service, this is not a monthly direct debit.

A few points to note - 


We clean windows using the pure water system.

This enables us to clean not only the glass, but the frames sills and doors on every clean. Including hard to reach areas such as above conservatory or porch.

The water is purified using a five stage filtration. The windows will be left wet after we clean but will dry leaving a streak and spot free finish.

If your frames are particularly dirty the dirt from the frames can contaminate the water meaning you may be left with the occasional water mark or run, especially if you have windows with external vents which notoriously hold dirt.

This spotting should be reduced after two or three cleans. Please don’t feel the urge to clean your windows between cleans as this will add soap and contaminants back onto the glass and the three clean process will be restarted. 

If with all that in mind you feel that the result of your first clean isn’t as you would have hoped, please contact us and we can review and re clean if needed. (One off clears are charged at around double in order to allow more time to clean and so reduce the risk of an unsatisfactory clean)

Our pure water cleaning system is very effective at cleaning general dirt from your windows, if you have builders residue (e.g. plaster, concrete and paint etc.) stickers or adhesive,  staining/discolouration on windows or frames from chemicals or rust and UV bleaching of frames on your windows, pure water will not be effective at removing these. We offer a cleaning service not a restoration service.


We clean windows every 4 weeks, all year round.



We will always try to not clean your windows in heavy persistent rain, however we do still work in light rain or short showers. Our promise to you is that the results will still be the same. Rain water is generally pure water and doesn't make your window dirty. If rain is heavy and persistent , we will not clean your windows. Your clean will be re-arranged for a different day. 

High wind will cause delays due to wind blowing dirt particles onto the wet glass which could effect the quality of the clean.


You will receive an automated text the day before to remind you we are coming. This is to ensure any gates are left unlocked - you do not need to be home when we clean. The text is not designed to be an opportunity to cancel the clean. Cancelling at such short notice leaves me with no time to fill that slot and will reduce my earning for the day - hope you understand. If on our arrival we war unable to access the property due to locked gates, we will clean the windows that can be accessed and you may still be charged the price of the full clean. We are able to provide combination padlocks for your gate eliminating the need to leave them unlocked if you require. A fee is charged for the lock.


We will try to be as reliable as we can for you, but we also appreciate you the customer being reliable. We will make time and space in our schedule for you. On the day of the clean it is too late for us to replace your clean with another customer. We reserve the right if turning me away at the door or cancelling on the day, to charge you the full price expected and/or cancel any ongoing service with us. We also reserve the right to charge the full price expected if access on the day has not been made available by the customer.


We will always try to provide you with the best possible service every time we clean your windows. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, you must contact us within 24 hours of the clean. We will then return review the issue and re clean if needed for free. Please note that complaints made after 24 hours may not be re cleaned. Please note we operate a no refund policy, we will rectify work you are not happy with free of charge provided we are informed within 24 hours of the clean date.



All customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed or shared with any individual or company, as is required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act.


All regular customers are requested to pay by direct debit. One off services such as gutter vac, conservatory roof cleaning for a customer who is not a regular cleaning customer can be made by bank transfer, but payment is required before or on the day at the latest.

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Thank you again for choosing our window cleaning service it honestly is appreciated. 


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